Why The Emerson School?

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of students. The Emerson Scholar will be immersed in daily literacy and math that is relatable and applicable. They will have science, social studies and art that is enriched with literacy skills and strategies that will make learning fun. The instruction our scholars will receive will be interactive, desirable and safe for them to explore what learning means to them. The goal is to develop students who are ready and able to play a major role in their own learning and education. Our staff will ensure that every student learns and every member of the learning community is held to high expectations.

The teachers will understand the developmental uniqueness of adolescents and will create the appropriate curriculum for effective learning that will constantly be gauged by a variety of assessment strategies. The teaching and learning will accommodate the diverse learning skills, abilities, and prior knowledge of our students. We will cultivate multiple intelligences, draw upon students’ individual learning styles, and utilize digital tools/resources.

Ongoing assessment measures will provide evidence and guide every student’s learning progress.  The information will be transparent and will help our students, teachers, and family members select immediate options for achieving learning goals and plan further education.

When you walk into The Emerson school you will see an inviting atmosphere that is decorated with student work and achievements. All stakeholders and their contributions will be celebrated. The environment will be bright, supportive, safe, and a joyful community that promotes in-depth learning and enhances students’ physical and emotional well-being. A Guidance counselor and other support professionals will be readily available to offer the assistance students may need in negotiating their lives in and out of school.

The Emerson School will seek and maintain appropriate partnerships with outside organizations and agencies whose purposes are consistent with our school’s mission. The school and our families will work together to provide the best possible learning for every student.