The Emerson School Grading Policy

  • 1. 20% Classwork: Any work completed in school; each day is one classwork day.
    2. 15% Projects: Special assignments such as writing pieces, lab reports, performance tasks, performances, presentations, etc.
    3. 10% Exit Slips: Formative standards-based assessments are provided at the end of a class period to assess student learning of the lesson taught.
    4. 10% Participation: Based on the student’s contributions during classroom discussion and activities.
    5. 20% Homework: Any work completed independently at home.
    assigned for every classwork lesson.
    6. 25% Exams: Any summative assessment(s) given in the course of a unit/marking period.
    Report cards are distributed four times a year — approximately every 8 weeks — report cards are prepared and distributed to families.
    Student grades are reported in these intervals:
    • 55% — Failing at the State Level
    • 65-69% — Passing at the State Level.
    • Averages above 65% are reported as they are calculated: 66, 67, 68, etc, and so on to 100.
    • 70-79% — Passing at THE EMERSON SCHOOL, but requiring academic assistance.
    • 80-84% –Grade level.
    • 85-89% — Above grade level.
    • 90-100% — High above grade level.
    Jakub Lau
    Cahn Fellow 2021, Gray Fellow 2021
    The Emerson School (28Q287)
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