PA/PTA elections.

September 17, 2014


Dear Emerson Parents and Guardians:


Please be advised that because we were unable to complete Spring election of officers prior to June 30th 2014 our school’s Parent Teacher Association has ceased to function. Pursuant to Chancellor’s Regulation A-660 (CR A-660), “Parent Associations and the Schools,” I am responsible for convening a meeting so that expedited nominations and election can be held. The meeting will be facilitated by representatives from the District Family Advocate/Network. The meeting will take place on Monday, September 29 from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. in the Auditorium.

We will begin by taking nominations from the floor for each available officer position. The core mandatory officer positions of President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer must be filled at this meeting in order for our school to have an operating Parent Teacher Association. We will also be electing class parent representatives, School Leadership Team parent representatives, and a Title I parent representative.

Elections will follow immediately after the close of nominations. Candidates will be asked to address the audience and make a brief statement expressing why they wish to be considered for an officer position. Please note that neither candidates’ statements nor slates of candidates may be disseminated within the school facility in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation D-130, “Political Activities in Schools.”

The agenda for the PTA expedited nominations and election meeting appears below:



  1. Welcome
  2. Nominations from Floor
  • Verification of Candidate Eligibility
  1. Closing Nominations
  2. Candidates’ Statement (two minutes, please!)
  3. Verification of Voter Eligibility
  • Distribution of Ballots or Vote by Show of Hands for Uncontested Officer Positions
  • Tallying Votes/Reporting Results
  1. Certification of the Election
  2. Adjournment


In order to vote in this election, you must be a parent (by birth or step-parent), legally appointed guardian, person in parental relation or foster parent to a child currently attending The Emerson School or be an eligible staff member. Please make every effort to attend this important meeting. Copies of this notice will be forwarded to the District Family Advocate/Network.

Your support and participation is greatly appreciated.




Jakub Lau


Principal, I.A.

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